Quizmaker 360

Creating dynamic quizzes with Quizmaker 360 (part of the Articulate 360 suite) seems fairly easy, at first.   I mean, you can put together a quiz pretty quickly using the default templates.  Here’s my first attempt.  I only strayed outside the normal template by adding one image to a question slide.  The rest – including correct / incorrect feedback with audio and links to outside resources – is all part of the standard template.  It took me longer to draft the questions than it took to create the quiz.

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But, once you decide you want to go beyond the basic templates, you’re going to need to understand layers and master slides and a few other odds and ends. For example, I had an image to use as feedback on the last question. My still-limited knowledge of the tool didn’t let me do that quickly.

My next project with this tool will be to create my own quiz templates so I’m in a better position to edit templates or use my own!